Meet Tai

Tai is a 500hr+ CYT trained in haha, vinyasa, yin, ashtanga, restorative, trauma yoga, and post rehabilitation, pilates, mindfulness, pranayama circuit and interval training and  in addition to several workshop immersions lead by master level yogis. Tai came to Canada as a young refugee from Sudan her passion to heal through her traumas lead her to yoga in 2009. She has dedicated herself to growing her yoga practice and sharing what has helped heal her.

Tai is a womxnist and social activist that believes and works for the uplifting and empowering of the oppressed and disenfranchised groups. She works to create a safe and accessible space for all.

Check out her linktr account of active petitions and anti-oppression resources.

About our name

The story behind the name “Red Ma’at” is our homage to Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) mythology and symbolizes the intent of the collective. Pulling from two goddess who represent femininity, strength, balance, and a commitment to truth and justice.

Red stands for Sekhmet (Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name is derived from the Egyptian word “Sekhem” (which means “power” or “might”) and is often translated as the “Powerful One” or “She who is Powerful”. She is depicted as a lion-headed woman, sometimes with the addition of a sun disc on her head. Her seated statues show her holding the ankh of life, but when she is shown striding or standing she usually holds a sceptre formed from papyrus (the symbol of northern or Lower Egypt) suggesting that she was associated primarily with the north. However, some scholars argue that the deity was introduced from Sudan (South of Egypt) where lions are more plentiful.

Ma’at or Maat, who is symbolized by an ostrich feather or shown with one in her hair, is both a goddess, the daughter of the sun god Ra (Re) and an abstract. To the ancient Egyptians, Ma’at, everlasting and powerful, bound everything together in order. Ma’at represented truth, right, justice, world order, stability, and continuity. Ma’at represents harmony and unending cycles, Nile flooding, and the king of Egypt. 


  • 500hr Hatha Yoga, Modo Yoga Inc.: Victoria, BC 2012
  • Hands-on Adjustments YuMee Cheung: Brampton, Ont. 2012
  • 100hr Ashtanga Flow and Pranayama, Kranti Yoga: Goa, India 2013
  • Anti-oppression and Trauma Sensitivity Training, New Leaf Foundation: Toronto, Ont. 2015
  • 100hr Vinyasa Flow, Modo Yoga Inc.: Toronto, Ont. 2015
  • Post-Rehabilitation Specialist Diploma, Body Harmonics: Toronto, Ont. 2016
  • Ayurveda Paras Moghtader: Caledon, Ont. 2015
  • Kemetic Yoga Yirser Hotep.: Mississauga, Ont. 2018
  • 100hr Strength Training Modo Fit, Modo Yoga Inc.: St.Catherines, Ont. 2019
  • Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Trauma-Sensitive Yoga West: Canmore, AB, 2020
  • Dismantling Racism Skills In Action- Michelle Johnson: Winston-Salem, NC 2020
  • Restorative Justice Training Logistics MPLI: Minneapolis, MN 2021
  • Race & Resilience Leadership Cohort Skills In Action- Michelle Johnson: Winston-Salem, NC 2021
  • Anti Racism Course University of Colorado Boulder: Professor Jennifer Ho 2021
  • Additional workshops and training take in: Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, mindfulness, acro yoga, thai yoga massage, and Post-Natal with master instructors Sean Corne, Bernie Clarke, Frank Jude Boccio, Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, Yirser Hotep and more.


  • B.A. Psychology York University Toronto, Ont 2008
  • Graduate Diploma Human Resources Conestoga College Waterloo, Ont. 2010
  • Graduate Certificate Psychotherapy Transformational Arts College Toronto, Ont. 2021
  • Social Service Worker Degree George Brown College Toronto, Ont 2022

Let’s make something together.

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