Private Offerings

Take advantage of high quality and mindful sessions in yoga, therapeutics, and anti-oppression workshop.

Private Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Sessions

Whether it’s one on one or group sessions we have you covered. We offer various styles that can be customized to your needs.

Available sessions: hatha, vinyasa, pilates, strength training, trauma-sensitive, therapeutic, post-natal and yin.

1-on-1: 60mins $150
Group (up to 10): 60mins$200
Group (up to 10): 90mins$250
Group (10-19): 60mins$300
Group (10-19): 90mins$350

For groups larger than 19 people please add an additional $15 for each participant. Pricing is for in home/office visit, please inquire about in studio sessions via email. HST is applicable.

Private Workshops

In these introductory workshop series, you will learn the foundations required to foster an anti-oppressive mindset in your professional and interpersonal settings. Access to additional resources will be offered after any workshop.


Anti-Black Racism and Misogynoir – the special kind of “Hate you give.”

Anti-racism/oppression 101 – white supremacy, white privilege and systemic racism.

Anti-racism/oppression 102 – implicit bias/intersectionality, the two sides of decolonizing your mind, and allyship

Anti-racism/oppression in wellness communities – spiritual bypassing, working through discomfort, decolonizing your practice and cultural appropriation.

Black History Month – going beyond black trauma and exploring black joy and history before 1619

Reclaiming Yourself – trauma, ptsd, and anxiety, building resiliency and working through feeling stuck through yoga and meditation.

Group (1-19): 60mins$300
Group (1-19): 90mins$400
Group (1-19): 120mins$550
Group (20+): 90mins$550
Group (20+): 120mins$750

HST is applicable, please inquire about sessions via email.