Hear what people have to say…

“Drawing on her lived experiences as a young Sudanese refugee, a depth of formal study, and an unrelenting pursuit towards equality and justice for all, Tai Salih’s authentic and experiential teachings on the intersectionality of yoga and human rights are graciously offered within a trauma-informed, anti-racist, and survivor-centred framework.”

  • Danny Noel, senior-level instructor in the GTA

Tai is an amazing instructor and down to earth person. The classes and workshops I attended were always engaging, challenging and rewarding.

I liked how she would walk around and help you by showing me small changes I could do to not only ensure that I was doing my poses right but also teaching me modifications due to work injuries.

She is always smiling and always making you laugh until it’s time to get serious lol. Super welcoming, always hosting events to support local issues and a down to earth person with a beautiful soul.

  • Rashid Faham, Toronto, Ont

“I feel more calm, strong and connected with my internal wisdom after time spent with Tai. Her classes are fun and infused with knowledge. I never feel judged, only supported and understood.”

  • Jasmine Cheung, Modo Yoga Scarborough Owner

I lead a collective of BIWOC with a focus on wellness and literature and invited Tai to lead the group in a hybrid Therapeutic/Vinyasa class to kick-off one of our sessions. I have never had such a knowledgeable and masterful instructor. It was the first time for many of us to experience therapeutic yoga, and the group’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Tai possesses a unique gift in her ability to hold space and to gently yet effectively guide. The class was the perfect balance between mind and body. I got an effective workout for the day and left feeling an overwhelming sense of calm and general wellness. Tai is absolutely amazing and I won’t go to another instructor for my yoga practise for as long I can help it.

  • Sarah El-Deeb, Toronto, Ont

“Having someone Tai Salih to shed light in times when so many are struggling in a fog is like a beacon. I’ve known Tai for a while and have always deeply respected her as a teacher and an activist, her voice is levied to lead and to guide both in the hot room and out. She’s been an invaluable resource to MODO and we’re forever grateful to learn from her.”

  • Robi Mckennobi, international senior-level instructor